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Quantitative Fit Testing

Quantitative Fit Testing

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Contact SIMS  to Schedule your FIT test.  Weekdays ONLY (9AM-430PM)

Email: or call (306) 343-7467

Quantitative Fit Testing is the most accurate form of respirator fit testing. It provides data-driven results that determine the fit of a respirator on an individual’s face.  We use the PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester 8040 to obtain your results.

We use the following 3M masks for testing:

If the mask you need is not listed above please contact us at to determine the availability of your mask for testing.

Notes & Requirements:
Participants will be required to demonstrate the ability to obtain a proper respirator seal, demonstrate how to properly don and doff their N95 mask.

In order to be FIT tested, participants must be clean-shaven. This is necessary because facial hair will not allow the respirator to seal properly and a positive fit test will not be possible. Anyone with beards or stubble where the respirator seals to the face will not be tested. – Mustaches if trimmed above the lip line are allowed.

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